Cash Cab


Who doesn’t want to get into a cab and win some money?

I experienced a city-living “first” last night when I stepped into a taxi cab on my way out to see friends, and noticed a small brown leather item on the floor of the cab. I picked up what looked like a small wallet, and almost said something the cab driver about the last passenger having left her wallet, but quickly changed my mind, thinking it better to figure out what to do on my own. I looked through the wallet – which obviously belonged to a girl because of the butterfly embossed on the outside and the band-aids contained inside (a smart New York girl always carries band-aids on her, because blistered ankles are no excuse for not wearing your best shoes) – and only found some loose bills and a Walgreens rewards card. No credit cards, no ID. There was no way I was going to figure out who the owner was.

So now I have a dilemma. Who does the money belong to? If I found cash loose on the street, I wouldn’t hesitate to call it mine. But for some reason when money is stacked together neatly in a unique looking wallet, with personal items inside, I’m much more hesitant to keep it for myself. This is clearly money that someone will notice is lost, and money that will be missed. 

I’ll just blame it on Jewish guilt, but I don’t think I can spend the money. Guess this is a good excuse to make a donation, right?


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