Shop With Meaning


Every time someone purchases a 50 Back Lager, the company donates 50% of the proceeds to charities committed to supporting and enriching the lives of veterans and active service members and their families.

Finally! Just yesterday I found the online store I’ve been looking for all this time. It’s called, and is based on the premise that we should buy consumer goods from socially responsible companies. 

From their site:

Now, when a consumer wants to make a purchase, whether it be apparel, makeup, a pair of shoes, or a bottle of fine wine, they can turn to Shop With Meaning to locate a company that matches their needs and also allows them to support a worthy cause with a simple, everyday purchase.  What’s more, our company profiles allow consumers to learn more about the reasons why these companies were founded, get a feel for the heart behind the products they sell and feel confident that their socially conscious purchases are truly making a difference.


They go beyond the well-known brands like TOMS and Warby Parker, directing you to goods from companies like Oimei Co., Life Equals, and 50 Back Beer

Cheers to guilt free shopping!




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