A Rant. Consider yourself warned.

It’s ironic that the “season of giving” turned out to be my least productive Giving Kind time period. It’s not that I was trying to ironic. I wish I could say I was so busy giving in real life that I had no time to blog about it. Truth is, I was really busy focusing on myself. Of course I made sure to make my monthly donation to Women for Women International, and I bought my sister and brother-in-law a gift I thought they could really use right now. But really, I spent the better part of the last month in the gym, using nearly all of my free time to workout and sleep. ‘Twas a great month.


I suppose I missed out on major blogging opportunities during this season aptly named for the very thing I choose to write about. But let’s talk about that, shall we? What is the deal with this whole “season of giving.” Not to sound too much like Jerry Seinfeld but, what’s the deal with that? I’m going to guess this December-January “season” got its nickname from its major associations with Christmas and the nice idea of being charitable when you are celebrating the birth of Jesus (if he is your savior, and all). Another guess- this so-called season of giving has likely been blown out of proportion into a season of giving over-priced presents by the big consumer products companies and all the ad firms working for them. Can we agree on that?

But let’s pretend for a second that this season of giving is in earnest, that people really take it seriously as a time to help out a neighbor, give where they can, and be kind to strangers. If all that is true, what happens when the season ends? If December 1st through January 1st is the time I’m told I’m supposed to be giving, what happens to giving on January 1? Is this time no longer a time to give? Of course I’m saying this with sarcasm, but doesn’t something about the title the “season of giving” bother you? As if the rest of the year is not a time to give? And then the question is what are we giving during this season? What kind of giving is the kind where you spend hundreds more than you can afford on your children, but don’t give charity or time to those who need it most? What kind of giving are these awful car commercials encouraging when they insist you give your darling spouse the brand-new flashy car she desperately wants this year?

I’m clearly out of practice from writing and have turned this post into a rant, and for that, I apologize. Before I sign off I should at least try to get one clear thought out:

The season of giving doesn’t work for me. I think every season should have its time for giving, just as it has its time for taking, for sharing, for loving, etc. There shouldn’t be just one season every year where we think about what we can give to others. If it were up to me, Christmas-time would only represent one of the many times of the year we think about giving.

Better posts to come. Sorry for the rant.


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