Leveraging Small Dollars for Big Impact: A Series


In the hopes of learning as I go along, I am beginning a weekly series (ooo la la!) on this blog about how to best leverage what little I have to donate. This series is not about instructing anyone, but it’s about sharing what I learn and find.

To start off, here are just a few of the many sources I will be reading to gain some insight:

Give Smart is a book co-written by Bridgespan’s chairman and cofounder Thomas Tierney. It is an instructive piece of non-fiction intended to guide philanthropists toward high-impact giving. Though its intended audience is foundation workers and wealthy philanthropists, I read it this summer and actually think there is a lot to be learned for the average donor.

UPenn’s Center for High Impact Philanthropy has a blog on which they share news, events, and resources for philanthropists. I’m hoping I’ll find some real pearls of wisdom hidden in there.

Thanks to a friend of mine, Stanford Social Innovation Review has become part of my daily reading. I’m not sure, though, how much it discusses philanthropy for small donors. 

Another obvious but fantastic blog is the Harvard Business Review Blog, sharing knowledge and insights that are not always a perfect fit for the HBR magazine but no less relevant to our lives.

Everyday Giving is a blog for ordinary individuals who want to make a difference in their community. It gives tips on how to do local fundraisers, spot charity scams, and apps to use to donate your money.


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