Turn Your Postcard into a Donation


As a photographer and social-venture enthusiast, it’s no wonder I have such a love of photojournalism. My favorite kind, though, is photography made by the people in the news themselves. That’s why when, back in 2010, I first learned about Kids with Cameras I squeeled with excitement. Kids with Cameras is a non-profit organization that through photography teaches kids to be social activists and peace-makers. The photos created by the participating kids are far more compelling, thoughtful, and artful than you would ever expect.

I was particularly excited when I found a similar program come through my inbox today via GOOD. This program, FairMail, teaches kids around the globe to become commercial photographers by having their photos on postcards. I think a program like this could have the potential for some serious social impact if it chooses to.

Take a look at GOOD’s post on FairMail.


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