A Guide for the Young Philanthropist

I recently wrote about finding your cause before you give. But what happens after you choose your cause? How does a budding philanthropist navigate the sea of some 1.5 million non-profits out there and decide where to give?

I was so excited to find this new website, the Giving Library, an online guide to hundreds of the most impressive non-profit organizations in America. On the Giving Library, you can browse by causes including (but not limited to) Humanitarian, Education, Governmental, and even within the broader topics you can be more specific. Let’s say you’re interested in natural resources, you can search for non-profits by going to the Environmental category and searching under Natural Resource Preservation.

Now you’ve found tons of organizations just with the mission of preserving natural resource, and you think the Clean Water Network looks interesting. You then click the icon and you are taken to a page that gives you the rundown on the organization. You can find out how they were founded, what their metrics are for success, and even their plans for success, just to name a few. On just one website you can learn the ins-and-outs of countless non-profits.

The Giving Library might be the best guide I’ve ever seen to the seemingly infinite menu of non-profit options out there.

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  1. The Giving Library is an impressive resource! Its greatest contribution is likely for those activists/doers who are new to a locality and want to see what local organization does work in which a giver is already invested. If someone already contributes to a university, say, oh, NYU, or maybe Yale, they would be likely to continue doing so regardless of where they live. But if someone moves to a new place and sees that, perhaps, dog welfare organizations are impossibly stretched, this clearinghouse is an invaluable guide. Great find!

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